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  [K-BAR] Mini K-BAR V2 5.3.4 Pro K8 3X FLS Gyro System for Heli

   상품명 [K-BAR] Mini K-BAR V2 5.3.4 Pro K8 3X FLS Gyro System for Heli
 상품가격 55,000원 1,650원
 상품코드 K-BAR-Mini
 제조회사 K-BAR
 제조국 중국


[K-BAR] 3X Gyro V2 5.3.4 PRO K8 Flybarless System

전동/엔진 플라이바리스 헬기용 3축 자이로 System

For ALIGN (Or other Brands) T-REX 450 SE/V2, Sport, PRO/PRO V2 , 500 550 600 700 RC Heli

3X Flybarless Gyro KBAR K-BAR V2 5.3.4PRO K8 Flybarless System For Mikado VBAR ALIGN T-REX etc. 450 550 600 700 DFC FBL RC Helicopter.

New Version : 5.3.4 PRO

Gold fighter version KBAR-V2 using 5.3.4pro software, inherited all the advantages of silver, while the soldiers highlighted emerald green LED lights upgrade to support the official four installation mode while and then the whole solar system exclusively supports four side installation mode, since no wiring installation see someone else\'s face, so no aileron think how you dress it how loaded! Side mounting pattern as shown in Fig.

- Version : 5.3.4 PRO ( latest software version.)
- The Mini KBar with V 5.0 Express software is an innovative product setting new standards for model helicopters in terms of flight performance and programming capacity..

- Easy Start setup via PC or Control Panel
Programming Assistant (Setup Wizard): gets you ready for flight in 11 steps
 Fine adjustments can be done at the field in your transmitter (no PC necessary)
 Ready for online updates as they become available.
 Support Splektrum satellite Receiver
 Provise 3Pcs servo cable.
 You can set it via computer or with Android phones via bluetooth.
 You have the latest version, do not upgrade firmware by yourself.

 Size(L*W*H) : 30 x 38x 13mm
 Weight : about 12g

<Package including>
- KBAR 3 Axis Gyro x 1
 3Pin to 1Pinx3 cable x 1
 3Pin to 3Pin cable x 2
 USB data cable x 1
 3M Paste tape x 2

제품 이미지>

[K-BAR] iCard Program Card for 5.34pro VBAR KBAR K-BAR K8 GV8000 mini Bar
[K-BAR] Full Size K-BAR PRO K8 Flybarless Stab' System(w/Governer)



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