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  [DUALSKY] Fluid EVO (Competition) - 추천!

   상품명 [DUALSKY] Fluid EVO (Competition) - 추천!
 상품가격 69,800원 2,094원
 상품코드 DS21213
 제조국 중국


DUALSKY Fluid EVO Competition!

Desinged by GIAVA ANDREA!

유럽 T.O.C Champion GIAVA ANDREA에 의해 설계된 F3P용 Indoor 기체!

FLUID 경기용 모델로서 KIT 버젼입니다.


The boys of FTI have made a video of the new Fluid that will appeal even to those who are not fond of model aircraft. This model is designed by Andrea Giavarini and is produced in collaboration with FlightTech Italy and our good friends at Dualsky.

This is the point of view of Andrea Giavarini on this new project: “Aggressive yet elegant and precise. This is the goal that I set for myself. What you can pull out from a model without a wing profile? …I know who has tried these models indoor… geometries, the levers, the quality of the material and the mounting techniques can make the difference between a model and the other one”.

Press continue for more details of this amazing machine!

FLUID pulls out the balance between agility required to follow a piece of music and softness to the most quiet moments while maintaining a flight simple and precise.
Particular attention has been paid to on-the-fly knife, and, on the balance of the model in order to facilitate all the figures that follow.. ..also, the brakes are furnished in order to be effective without sacrificing too much of the dynamism.
This machine is very powerful but at the same time ready to take all the “barrel” of the training sessions or the flights of less experienced while maintaining a very low wing loading.
Very satisfied with the result as a designer, manufacturer, and a pilot for the new materials offered by Dualsky.. try to have fun


<참고 동영상>
Special Thanks to Martin Muller!!


Dualsky introduce the latest generation of indoor aerobatic 3D airplane
----Dualsky Aircraft EVO. With the success of the previous Dualsky Aircraft,
the brand new EVO series brings more features.

● German Depron material, much more durable&environment friendly
● Inkjet UV printing
● 10% lighter than last generation
● From the 10 aircraft featured in the three best performance of the
airplane is made to EVO model


EVO Features:
● Pure 3D design
● 880mm wingspan
● Better to use 3S Lipo battery for extreme performace


Wing Span: 855mm
Fuselage Length: 920mm
Motor: Dualsky XM2812-RTR Series/the thrust of the motor should
be more than 200g
Battery: 11.1V 250MAH or 7.4V 300MAH, 16C or Higher Lipo packs(min)
ESC: Dualsky 6A or 10A ESC or RTR Edition Required.
Flying Weight : 110g-130g

[DUALSKY] Breeze Evo PRO - 추천!
[DUALSKY] Fluid EVO - 추천!



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